Election Day

October 12, 2019

Together, we can TURN VISION INTO


Success begins with a vision and having the ability to carry out the vision requires knowledge, experience and commitment. With a commitment to public service, a diversified background and proven experience, I have the ability to produce results from day one and the vision to lead Louisiana to the next level. I am committed to serving all the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Louisiana.

If you're ready to see Louisiana win, take action October 12, 2019 to Elect Gwen Collins-Greenup as Louisiana Secretary of State so together, we can turn vision into action!

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Meet Gwen


A career committed to 20 years of public service.

next-level Leadership

A leader with the experience and vision to lead Louisiana to the next level.


A candidate with the ability to produce results from day one.

Gwen's Platform is

100% People-Powered

Gwen believes that all voters should have the power to participate in our government, create positive change in our communities, and hold leaders accountable. This is why her platform transcends politics and parties and is focused on people-powered participation, people-powered change, and people-powered accountability—giving voters the power to decide what’s best for them, their family, their community, and Louisiana.


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