Election Day

October 12, 2019

Early voting sept 28-Oct 5

Gwen's game plan

Gwen’s game plan is 100% people-powered because she believes that all voters should have the power to participate in our government, create positive change in our communities, and hold leaders accountable. That’s why her game plan transcends politics and parties and is focused giving you the power to decide what’s best for you, your family, your community, and Louisiana. As Secretary of State, Gwen will work with you to:

Increase Voter Participation

Louisiana has almost 3 million registered voters with low voter turnout rates that leave about 450,000 people making decisions for 4.6 million Louisianans. Gwen wants to increase voter participation through voter education, community outreach, and social media.

Protect Voting Rights and Elections

We can't afford to leave our voting rights and elections unprotected because of outdated technology and policies that make it easier to attack our elections, but harder for people to vote. Gwen wants to protect voting rights and elections with better cybersecurity, voter protection, and uniform election training.

Support Small Businesses

Businesses provide the jobs that fuel our economies, the paychecks that help us feed our families, the tax dollars that fund our schools, and the resources our communities need to thrive. Gwen wants to support small businesses and entrepreneurs with resources that make it easier for people to start businesses and stay compliant.

Empower the Next Generation

Success begins with a vision but turning a vision into reality requires leaders like you working together to move Louisiana forward. Gwen wants to empower the next generation to lead, vote, start businesses, and make a difference.

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