Gwen's Platform is

100% People-Powered

Gwen believes that all voters should have the power to participate in our government, create positive change in our communities, and hold leaders accountable. This is why her platform transcends politics and parties and is focused on people-powered participation, people-powered change, and people-powered accountability—giving voters the power to decide what’s best for them, their family, their community, and Louisiana.



  • Reverse the trend of declining voter turnout
  • Gain 100% voter participation in Louisiana elections
  • Improve voter access and registration
  • Engage young voters through voter education, voter outreach, and leveraging innovative technology
  • Restore and maintain public trust and confidence in our Secretary of State's Office



  • Partner with community schools, organizations, and leaders to increase voter education and voter outreach
  • Empower citizens to get involved in our government and work together to turn vision into action
  • Gain community-based solutions to help move Louisiana forward and achieve across-the-board success for all the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Louisiana



  • Promote government efficiency and ethical leadership
  • Protect voter integrity and secure our elections
  • Ensure continuous innovation and a positive workplace culture
  • Improve service delivery and promote ethical relationships between government and businesses
  • Preserve Louisiana’s rich culture and history

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